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Commercial Pressure Washing in Redding and Chico, California and the Surrounding Area

Pressure Washing

Eliminating the Most Tenacious Soil

Muddy walls. Fossilized chewing gum. Graffiti. Surfaces around the workplace are often subject to greater use and mistreatment, and they therefore require more in-depth and regular cleaning.

That’s why Peerless Building Maintenances specializes in pressure cleaning, suitable for nearly any surface including building walls, floors, brick or stucco surfaces, concrete slabs or driveways, parking lots, vehicles exteriors and more.

Clean Surfaces Say a Lot about Your Business

Competition is significant no matter what industry you are in, and even though customers visit your location once, it is important to convince them to keep coming back. Think of when you’re on a trip: will you patronize a gas station with dirty bathrooms or will you wait to find a facility that you know will be clean and comfortable? The same principle applies to your business. Cleanliness is just as important as your product.

Make Your Surfaces Shine like New

Perhaps you have an area at your commercial space that hasn’t been scrubbed in years. or a particularly dirty area that seems to resist all efforts to wash it. Pressure cleaning uses high-pressure water streams to remove even the most stubborn stains and debris like peeling paint, mold, mud, chewing gum, chalking, dust and solidified blemishes.

Productivity. Continuous Improvement. Lean Workflow.

Clean, efficiently-designed workplaces have been shown to boost efficiencies that impact your bottom line, reducing wasted efforts, streamline operations and foster a positive workplace atmosphere. Moreover, sanitation keeps your employees healthy and reduces sick days and outbreaks.

Find the Perfect Service for You

All of our comprehensive cleaning services are tailored to you, your budget and your scheduling needs. We work whenever you need us to, day or night. Whether you are looking to spruce up your space for an upcoming occasion or book a routine janitorial service, we provide the customized cleaning packages that keep your facility looking its best.

Pressure Cleaning Now

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