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Tips for a Clean Reception Area

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The reception area of any office is what clients see first. Not only is it the first introduction to the company, but it is also where clients spend time while they wait. During that wait, their opinion of the company begins to develop. A clean room makes the wait more pleasurable, while dirty surroundings may cause people to watch the clock and lose interest in the company.
Consider these simple suggestions to help your office's reception area look its best.

Improve First Impressions

Imagine the front door to the business as a large advertisement. Cobwebs, fingerprints on the glass, and dirty door handles will not reflect favorably on how much care the employees have for their business or their customers. The door, glass, and hardware should gleam so they welcome people into the office. 

Remember Air Quality

The sense of smell affects how people feel about their surroundings, which is why real estate agents want people to bake cookies before they show a house. An unpleasant odor makes a room seem unclean, even if everything sparkles. Pleasant smells help people to relax, make them more receptive to certain emotions, and can even encourage them to spend money. 
Avoid antiseptic smells or any overwhelming air freshener. When the air is too heavy with a scent, it may seem like it is covering up something less enjoyable. A clean room does not need extra scents, and air fresheners and other scented products can sicken people who have respiratory conditions like asthma.

Keep Floor Pristine

Sparkling floors and stain-free rugs matter because that is what many people will notice after they enter through the front door. Most people glance down automatically as they wipe off their shoes or to check for a doorstop or other potential tripping hazard. Many will not notice a clean floor, but everyone recognizes a tattered or dirty one. 
Clean flooring lasts longer. Carpet and hard surfaces wear out faster when dirt stays because it gets into carpet fibers and collects into cracks. Regular cleaning also makes it easier to notice and repair cracked tiles, loose boards, or any carpeting issue before it becomes a hazard. 

Care for Seating

Fabric seat cushions should stay stain-free — chair arms should look clean and never feel sticky. Areas like this can have a lot of germs because people handle the chair arms and leave behind cold and flu viruses. Waiting customers also drop crumbs from the snacks they enjoy while they wait, and these crumbs cause bacteria (and odors) to develop. 

Remove the Dust

Tables, lamps, and decorative items should never gather a layer of dust. Walls should also never collect dust, cobwebs, or fingerprints. Clean thoroughly to remove oils left behind from hands, or from hair when leaning against the wall. Dust in the air latches onto these oils and discolors the wall and around the door frames where people place their hands. 
Rooms stay bright and fresh when people properly maintain the space. More cleaning also means less of a need to repaint, which helps to business owners to save time and money. 

Empty the Garbage

Keep all trash cans emptied. Streaks of spilled coffee, old chewing gum, and wads of used tissues do not leave an image in a customer's mind that any business owner would want to have associated with their company. Full refuse containers smell bad, look terrible, and make an otherwise clean room seem dirty. 
At Evergreen Janitorial Supply, we offer all the commercial-grade supplies, tools, and equipment needed to keep offices and reception rooms up to the expectations of our customers. Contact us to find everything you need to keep your business looking its best.