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Cleaning Your Nail and Hair Salon

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Your first priority when it comes to your nail and hair salon is meeting your customers' needs. To do this, you must have a clean and healthy environment for your employees and clients.

A business like a nail and hair salon needs special, expert care to stay clean and sanitary. Read on to learn why special cleaning is essential to keeping your nail and hair salon operating smoothly.

Bacteria Can Be Lurking, Leading to Customer Infection

When nail tools aren't properly cleaned or are stored properly, or when hair products are used from one customer to the next without proper sanitation, then your salon can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria, which can potentially make your customers ill.

Bacteria, fungus (including the same one that can cause yeast infections), Hepatitis C, and other harmful germs can be present in your salon. Always have your staff wear gloves while handling clients (even when doing hair) and hire a special cleaning service to come to your salon daily to properly clean and sanitize salon supplies, shelves, floors, chairs, and other areas where customers frequent.

Your Customers Expect Cleanliness

Your salon should always have a clean and welcoming atmosphere. This applies to all parts of your salon, from the windows to the bathroom floors.

As mentioned above, hire a professional cleaning service to regularly clean the stylist booths. You should also ask the cleaning service to periodically come to your establishment to wash windows, clean floors and rugs, and tend to the bathroom stations.

You May Be Cleaning Incorrectly

Using traditional cleaning supplies may do more harm than good. For example, if you repeatedly use the same sponges and cloths to wipe down salon stations, then you could be leaving nasty bacteria behind that the next client could become exposed to.

Footbaths for pedicures can be especially hard to clean, as the water should be rinsed and the bath should be disinfected after each use. This is something your staff may neglect to do or simply do incorrectly.

Even if you use bleach to wipe floors and other surfaces, you may be doing so incorrectly. Bleach works best when used with cold water, not hot water. In fact, hot water causes bleach to release gases into the air.

The cleaning practices you use throughout the day aren't always enough. For this reason, you should hire professionals to ensure that work areas are actually clean. Your professional cleaning company will use their own tools and cleaning supplies to expertly wipe down your nail and hair salon's interior, leaving no mess behind.

You Stay Within Health Code Compliance

Adding professional cleaning services to your regular salon care routines will help you stay within health code compliance. Choose a cleaning company that has experience in commercial and business cleaning - particularly in the health care or medical sectors. This way, your salon receives the expert cleaning it needs to keep your clients (and employees) safe against common salon-related diseases and bacteria.

When hiring a professional cleaning service, keep in mind how often you want services to be performed, what you would like done, and what hours you want cleaning professionals in your business. You can then arrange a cleaning schedule and routine with your cleaning service company.

A clean nail and hair salon not only looks more attractive, it brings in more customers because your establishment can be trusted as safe and professional. Allow our team at Peerless Building Maintenance to address your salon's cleaning needs. Call us today to see what services we offer. Our team looks forward to helping you with your cleaning needs.