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5 Reasons Gyms Are Tricky to Keep Clean

Gym Equipment
Gyms and fitness centers are rapidly becoming a mandatory rather than optional feature for hotels, hospitals, large-scale employers, and many other mixed-use facilities. While gyms encourage customers and employees to stay in shape, they also create their own unique cleaning challenges.
Know what to expect when it comes to hiring janitorial services for keeping your fitness center clean and comfortable so that you can decide if a gym is the right kind of addition to your business. Learn why gyms require extra attention, and you can make sure your commercial cleaners are prepared for the task.

1. Specific Needs

Nearly every hard and soft surface in a gym, from padded equipment seats to the nonporous rubber mats used on the floor, requires its own matching cleaning product for proper disinfection. Each product also requires a specific standing time on the surface before you wipe or mop it away to guarantee the majority of bacteria and potential pathogens are killed.
Gym equipment and mats have been linked to infections of MRSA, E. coli, and other potentially serious and contagious bacteria. Yet many facilities are in use 24 hours a day, and customer demand can lead to insufficient cleaning cycles or rushed disinfection. Make sure to check and follow the different standing times on disinfectant sprays and washes so you get the full benefits of each product.

2. Equipment Cleaning

Each piece of complex gym equipment is packed with seams and surfaces that are prime for collecting sweat and debris tracked in on the shoes and clothing of guests. Many treadmills and other cardiovascular machines featuring touchscreens for adjusting settings, which means that these machines have an even greater need to be cleaned routinely in order to stay sanitary.
Yet deep cleaning gym equipment can take an hour or more when you carefully clean seams, gaps, and other areas that require extra attention. Time your deep cleaning cycles properly with the help of a professional cleaning service to keep soil from visibly accumulating while reducing unnecessary extra work.

3. Trapped Moisture

Gym mats and resilient flooring products are generally made from rubber and other nonporous materials to prevent sweat and water used for mopping from saturating the mat. However, moisture can still travel through seams and around the edges of mats and become trapped under the surface.
Since the flooring and mats are nonporous, trapped moisture can't escape. Lift up the mats and clean under them, allowing them to dry completely afterward, to prevent mold and mildew from growing.

4. Complex Restrooms

With the addition of showering and changing facilities, gyms have more than twice as much labor with restroom maintenance routines. Showers and locker rooms are full of surfaces that need full disinfection and routine scrubbing to stay fresh and safe for employees or customers to use.
The specific maintenance and cleaning needs required by wet rooms like showers demand the attention of a professional cleaning crew. Even if you employ your own janitorial crew for basic cleaning of equipment and floors, you definitely need outside help to keep showers properly sanitized.

5. Food and Drinks

Finally, many gyms and fitness centers also include snack and juice bars, or at least vending machines selling energy bars and drinks. Spills from these often sugary snacks can result in stains and sticky spots even after cleaning. Keep a spill kit on hand so even trainers and staff can respond quickly to a spill.
Schedule routine visits from Peerless Building Maintenance Company, and your gym will stay sparkling clean and safely sanitized. We can handle fitness centers and gyms of all sizes and types.