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3 Reasons to Have Your Office Carpets Cleaned This Winter

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Since carpet cleaning is a great way to refresh your office in the spring, many professionals wait until well after winter to tidy up those rugs. However, winter is actually ideal for cleaning carpets, since it helps office managers stay on top of crucial cleaning tasks. Here are three reasons to have your office carpets cleaned during the winter, and why you won't regret it in the long run.

1. Tidy Up After the Holidays

The holidays can be incredibly hard on carpets, especially if you host employee luncheons, parties, and open houses in your office. In addition to enduring drips and spills from food items, carpets can also become dirty as visitors trek in from outside or dance to their favorite holiday tunes.
Since business can also amp up during the holidays, your team might have less time to tidy up their area, which can also lead to cumulative carpet stains.
However, by working with a carpet cleaner after the holidays are over, you can clean up carpet stains while the damage is still fresh. As carpet cleaners work on your carpet, they can remove dirt, grime, and pigments before they leach deeper into those fibers and cause permanent damage.
For instance, dirt can be incredibly abrasive to carpet fibers, which damages microscopic filaments every time someone walks across the surface. However, professional cleaning helps to ward off long term damage, which extends the life of your carpet.
Post holiday carpet cleaning also helps eradicate lingering smells due to holiday foods and Christmas décor, which gives your office a fresh, clean scent perfect to welcome spring.

2. Fend Off Seasonal Allergies

Since carpet is made of fabric, it acts as a passive filter, absorbing fine particulates as they fall to the ground. While this property helps to keep the air clean, it also aggravates indoor allergies, especially in people who are sensitive to dander, pollen, mold spores, and dust mites.
However, by being proactive and having your carpets professionally cleaned, you can remove these fine particulates, which makes it easier for your office employees who might already struggle with allergies. During hot water extraction carpet cleaning, particulates are whisked away along with soap, water, and grime, which leaves your floors sanitary and your air easy to breathe.
Additionally, modern hot water extraction carpet cleaners remove more water than older versions, which makes it easier to prevent mold and mildew growth. Since mold spores spark reactions in people who are immunocompromised, having your carpets cleaned is essential to maintain a healthy work environment.

3. Enjoy Faster Drying Time

While it might seem logical to wait until it warms up outside to have your carpets cleaned, the winter offers a powerful advantage-drier indoor air. Cold air doesn't hold as much humidity as warmer air does, which means cleaning your carpets is easier and more effective.
During the summer, the warmer air inside your office can hold more humidity, which can delay drying time. After your carpets are cleaned, you may have to rope off wet carpet, close the office, or run the risk of people walking on freshly cleaned surfaces.
However, during the winter, the air is naturally dry, which allows recently cleaned carpets to dry rapidly. In addition to preventing microbial growth, quickly-drying carpets also reduces downtime for busy offices and prevents new stains, which keeps the entire floor cleaner.
If your office carpets have seen better days, give us a call. At Peerless Building Maintenance, we are committed to offering superior janitorial service to our clients, helping with everything from professional carpet cleaning to window washing. Whether you need to spruce up your office before a corporate meeting or you need ongoing janitorial support, we can help.