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3 Cleaning Challenges Commercial Property Managers Face

Commercial Cleaning
When you manage a commercial property for yourself or for other investors, you understand the importance of keeping the space filled with reliable tenant businesses. After all, vacant property space means lost revenue, and a high tenant turnaround means additional expenses.
If your property experiences frequent vacancies or high tenant turnaround, take a moment to consider the appearance of the property and the cleanliness of the building's exterior and interior. Your existing janitorial staff or maintenance team might not be able to produce clean results that keep tenants satisfied with their space.
Read on to learn how to overcome these three cleaning challenges that commercial property managers face. 
1. Janitorial Staff Is Too Small
A token cleaning crew equipped with a mop and bucket won't be able to keep a property spotless. If you try to save money by paying fewer employees to clean, you losing money in the long run as you lose existing or future tenants.
A small staff may take care of the entryway tile and restrooms but simply does not have the time to focus on important areas that prospective tenants notice immediately. Spotty windows, carpet stains, and an offsmell in the building turn away prospective new tenants.
Instead, a dedicated cleaning team is able to encompass the entire property in the same amount of time. More hands means a sanitized building and exterior surface as well. A spotless property feels welcoming and increases productivity for the tenants already in place and those with their eye on signing a lease with you.
2. Janitorial Staff Is Not Well-Equipped
In addition to skimping on staff, are you falling victim to skimping on cleaning equipment to save money as well? An under-equipped staff will struggle to stay on top of their tasks and then fail in the long run because lack of supplies forces them to leave certain tasks untouched.
For example, they may avoid properly cleaning large window exteriors simply because they do not have large enough squeegees to clean or ladders to help them access higher floors.
Also, one all-purpose cleaner is not designed to clean every single surface or component in a building. Restrooms must be cleaned with special germ-killing chemicals, while other cleaners are better suited for concrete stains or carpets.
Your commercial property will be cleaner when your staff possesses the right equipment arsenal.  Wood, tile, porcelain, concrete, and carpet surfaces and components are easier to keep sparkling clean with the correct chemicals, supplies, and equipment.
3. Janitorial Staff Is Not Properly Trained
If your janitorial staff is adequately staffed for the property size and equipped with the right amount of supplies and equipment, are they able to clean properly and in a timely fashion? If not, your staff might not be properly trained.
Lack of knowledge regarding cleaning technique and safety can lead to wasted time, poor cleaning results, and health hazards. For example, pure bleach is an effective chemical when used properly. However, an untrained employee faces health risks when they mix bleach with other common cleaning fluids like alcohol, vinegar, or ammonia.
When your staff is trained how to safely handle cleaners and cleaning equipment, they avoid hazardous accidents as well as become more effective at what they do.
When your commercial property is in need of a fully trained, well-equipped, and knowledgeable cleaning staff, look no further than Peerless Building Maintenance. We believe a clean, attractive building is essential when you are committed to providing an attractive, healthy commercial property for your tenants. Call us today to find out more ways we can help make a good building look great.