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Steam Cleaning Your Commercial Kitchen: What You Need To Know


The commercial kitchen can be a challenging environment. This area is typically very busy, and the presence of food and moisture creates the perfect environment for pathogens to proliferate. Wiping surfaces with water and soap is not enough to keep commercial kitchens adequately clean to mitigate potential contamination.

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Cleaning Your Nail and Hair Salon


Your first priority when it comes to your nail and hair salon is meeting your customers' needs. To do this, you must have a clean and healthy environment for your employees and clients.

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Tips for a Clean Reception Area


The reception area of any office is what clients see first. Not only is it the first introduction to the company, but it is also where clients spend time while they wait. During that wait, their opinion of the company begins to develop. A clean room makes the wait more pleasurable, while dirty surroundings may cause people to watch the clock and lose interest in the company. Consider these simple suggestions to help your office's reception area look its best.

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